Emily is the youngest child of mum Julie and stepfather Don. She was the younger stepsister to Derek and Justin and younger sister to Ashley, Chad and Amber.

Like Amber, Emily was also very disrespectful to her mother and even tried to run away from home but Jo didn't let her off the hook, she even gave Jo cheeky smirks to which she replied "Dont test me Emily, don't because I will go there with you, trust me I've got all day". Later on when Emily was asked by her mother to lay the table, she didn't do it right and Jo tells her that she's making herself look like a spoilt brat so she does it properly. The next day when Julie tells Emily that she's getting a consequence, she talked back to her mother and got told that she's not going to the soccer game to which Julie remained consistent and followed through.

She was 13 when Jo came and is now 17 in 2016.